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bxAutoZip - Compress attachments automatically!

If you have any questions about bxAutoZip which are not covered by the FAQ below or if you have suggestions or error reports please contact us.

All inquiries will be answered promptly and courteously. Please understand that inquiries from registered users will receive priority handling.

Click here to watch a fully self running online demo.

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Which Windows and Outlook versions are supported by bxAutoZip?

    bxAutoZip runs with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    bxAutozip is compatible with Outlook 97/98/2000/XP/2003/2007 and Outlook 2010.

Is bxAutoZip for Outlook compatible with Outlook Express?

    No, bxAutoZip for Outlook is compatible with Outlook only. However, there's an separate version for Outlook Express available.

    Click here to download bxAutoZip for Outlook Express.

Can bxAutoZip decompress or compress attachments of incoming e-mails?

    Yes, the enterprise edition of bxAutoZip has a feature to decompress or compress attachments of incoming e-mails automatically. Contact us for more information.

Can you provide an MSI Installer package?

    Yes, for enterprise customer we can provide an MSI installation file.

What's the difference between bxAutoZip and conventional ZIP programs?

    bxAutoZip actually becomes part of your Outlook email program. You do not need to leave Outlook to use bxAutoZip!

    Conventional methods require that you leave Outlook, find the file you are going to send, compress (zip) the file manually, return to Outlook, and (finally) tell Outlook to attach the compressed file. And you must repeat all these steps for every file you send!

    With bxAutoZip, you pick the file you want to send, then click a button, without ever leaving Outlook. That's it!

Our new employees often have little or no experience sending e-mail. Is using bxAutoZip difficult to learn?

    Not at all - it makes things much easier! Once installed, bxAutoZip actually streamlines e-mail file transfers, allowing your employees to focus on doing their job instead of struggling with compression software. Here's how easy it is:

    Button DOWN:
    Attachments will be compressed.

    Button UP: Attachments will not be compressed.

Can bxAutoZip really help save money? And if so, how much?

    A study carried out by the GIGA Information Group shows that automatic e-mail compression can bring enormous potential savings, which they estimate at $18.96 per PC per month.

How much does bxAutoZip cost to license?

    US $19.95 per workstation. Information on discounts for multi-user licenses can be obtained here. Alternatively, give us a call on 49 23 69 - 20 00 77.

We already use an Outlook zip program in our company. Is it possible to "cross-update"?

    Yes, we offer cross-updates with a 75 seat minimum. Please tell us what product you currently use, how many seats are currently licensed for that product, and how many bxAutoZip seat licenses are needed. We will promptly prepare and submit a competitive custom quote, without obligation.

Do recipients need an ZIP application to decompress the files?

    bxAutoZip comes with an option allowing self-extracting archives (*.exe files) to be created so that recipients do not need to have a ZIP program installed in order to decompress the files.

Is it possible to install bxAutoZip silently?

    Yes, please contact us for details.

Is bxAutoZip available to Resellers?
Can bxAutoZip be soled as OEM software?

    Yes, both of these opportunities are available to qualified companies. Please call 49 23 69 - 20 00 74 for more information.

Can bxAutoZip also handle encrypted files?

    Absolutely! Simply install our CryptoMite encryption utility, and then bxAutoZip can automatically encrypt the files it compresses.

Are bxAutoZip updates free?

    Updates within a major revision series (e.g. from 1.00 to 1.99) are usually free. You can download free updates from this website.

    Automatic mailing or emailing is only possible when you have concluded a corresponding service contract.

How can I learn about bxAutoZip updates and new versions?

    Sign up to receive our free newsletter and you will automatically receive update notifications and other news via e-mail. BAxBEx respects your privacy and will NEVER share your e-mail address with third parties.

    You may also visit us here as often as you like to check for updates.

What if I have a problem or find a bug in the software?

    BAxBEx is dedicated to providing the best and most reliable software possible, and we encourage our customers to help us achieve that goal by notifying us promptly if they experience any problem. We value your feedback greatly. When reporting a problem, please provide as much detail as possible. If the problem is repeatable, please describe the steps necessary reproduce the error. Be sure to include information about your system, i.e. Windows version, processor, RAM, video card info, etc. And check to make sure you've installed the latest version of bxAutoZip!

Is BAxBEx interested in my ideas and suggestions for improvements?

    By all means, yes! Our most valuable input often comes from our customers, the people who actually use our software every day. Please e-mail your suggestions to support@baxbex.com or use the online Feedback-Form .

How can we convert the trial version to the full version?

    After ordering bxAutoZip you'll get your personal registration key and a detailed description of how to enter your registration information. See also: Online-Order

I lost my registration code. Can I get it replaced?

    Contact us by e-mail or by using the online Feedback-Form, and we will re-send your registration code to your e-mail address. You must have a valid e-mail address in order to receive this service. Please note that we can do this only once.

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