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BAxBEx Software - Online tutorials
    Learn about our software by watching our online tutorials.

Please note, however, that loading the demo can take up to a minute. It is quite normal that during this load time you should see only a "gray box". Flash is required to watch the tutorials.

Folder Shield

These tutorials shows how to hide and password protect folders with Folder Shield.

Hide folders
This tutorial gives a brief introduction to Folder Shield. Step-by-step, we will demonstrate how you can hide complete folders with Folder Shield.
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Password protect folders
This tutorial shows how to password protect folder with Folder Shield PRO
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Folder Pilot - Find your folders more quickly

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Find folders quickly, in just a few clicks, with the enhanced Folder Pilot Address bar in Windows Explorer and locate your favorites folder in a snap with the Folder Pilot shortcut menu.

noHTML for Outlook Express

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noHTML for Outlook Express is an add-on that protects Outlook Express from email viruses and email scripts such as Klez and Nimda. This demo will show you how to use noHTML for Outlook Express.

bxAutoZip for Outlook

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Outlook enhancement for automatically compressing file attachments. This tutorial briefly describes bxAutoZip.


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FolderBox displays additional folders in the lower part of Explorer. This tutorial shows how to activate FolderBox's extension, and how to create more FolderBoxes.

Shell Picture

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An Add-on for viewing images without running an external program. It embeds itself in the Explorer context menu and gives you the ability to view images with a click of your right mouse button.


These tutorials shows how to encrypt and decrypt files, folders and E-Mails with CryptoMite.

Encrypt files and folders
Data encryption made easy! See how easily you can encrypt files and folders with CryptoMite.
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CryptoMite comes with an Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook. This demo shows how to use the Plug-In to create encrypted e-mails and how to decrypt e-mails.
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