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BAxBEx Software - Downmail Service
Why wait for a download to finish when we can mail the file to you?

If you experience a slow download and don't want to hunt for the file on mirror sites of SimTel or other distributors, you can use our automated DownMail Service.

Just select the files which you want, enter your e-mail address, and send your request to our website. The files will then arrive in your e-mail in-box a few minutes later.

And don't worry - your e-mail address will not be saved, unless you also choose to add it to our newsletter.


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Note: Please bear in mind that your e-mail account may have limited storage space! If you are unsure about the size of your e-mail box, please select only one file at a time, send the request, und clear your mailbox after the file has arrived, before requesting the next file. 

1. Select files
To add a file to your DownMail-list just select the checkbox in front of each file.

Each file will arrive in it's own e-mail, the subject of each letter will be "BAxBEx DownMail Service: xxx" where "xxx" is the name of the file contained in the mail. 

Folder Shield  
foldershield.exe (Folder Shield, multilingual, 1268 KByte)
Shell Picture  
shellpic.exe (Shell Picture 2.00, english, 2261 KByte)
cryptomi.exe (CryptoMite 3.0, english, 1576 KByte)
openexe.exe (OpenExpert 1.60, multilingual, 658 KByte)
noHTML for Outlook Express
nohtmloe.exe (noHTML for Outlook Express 1.00,
 multilingual, 539 KByte)
IrfanView ShellExtension
irfanex.exe (IrfanView ShellExtension 1.02,
 english, 130 KByte)
folderbox.exe (FolderBox 1.20,  multilingual, 899 KByte)
2. Enter your e-mail address
Please enter your e-mail address:

Please enter your password:
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3. Submit request to BAxBEx Software

When you've finished with your selection, click the "Submit" button to send your request to the BAxBEx web site.

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