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Password protect folders
 FolderShield   With Folder Shield, you can hide entire folder completely. Folder Shield PRO also allows you to password protect your private folders.

Folder Shield PRO is Windows 64-BIT compatible.

The PRO version has a unique feature to lock folders with passwords. A password protected folder remains visible, but as soon as you try to open the folder, a password prompt is displayed. The folder can be opened with the correct password only.

All files and subfolders of the password protected folders are invisible and inaccessible until the correct password is entered.

See how to password protect your folders with Folder Shield PRO

You can use the Windows-Explorer or any other file managers to lock or unlock password protected folders.

The PRO version also has an option to exclude specified process from the protection. This could be useful, for example, if you want to give your backup application full access to hidden and/or protected folders.

Folder Shield PRO - Highlights

PRO version includes all features of the Standard version
Windows 64 BIT compatible
Password protect folders
Exclude specified process from the protection
Different passwords for each folder
Includes a licence for two PCs

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