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CryptoMite - Fast, Secure  and Easy!
Daten schnell einfach und sicher verschlüsseln     CryptoMite - your PERSONAL encryption tool
The service for the sophisticated customer

Encrypted Exe files
Undoubtedly one of the most used functions of CryptoMite is to create self decrypting exe-files. This feature enables you to share your sensitive data easily and secure with only the right persons.
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It is just this easy:
The receiver launches the exe-file, enters the password, and the decrypted data is written to disk in a flash. CryptoMite doesn't have to be installed on the receiver's system; the exe-files created by CryptoMite are completely self-contained.

Our Service for professional and sophisticated users: 
We will design a personal template for your self-decrypting exe-files.

According to your likes we make a template for your self-decrypting CryptoMite exe-files. All exe-files you create with CryptoMite will then automatically match the appearance of the template.

    Normal CryptoMite exe-file:

 Personal exe-file - Example 1:

 Personal exe-file - Example 2:
   You can freely define the contents of the framed lines 
(Max: 3
lines with 52 characters each)
You can even have more:
Of course you can have an even more personal template for your self-decrypting exe-files. Look at the following example:
For as low as $29 (US) (see example 2) we will create your personal template. For this feature an online-order is not yet available, so if you're interested in an personal "skin" please send an email to CryptoMite@baxbex.com.
Localised Exe-Templates
Would you like to create self-decrypting exe-files in other languages? More information...

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