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Shell Picture - Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about Shell Picture, suggestions for a new release, or if you have any problems with the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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After starting Shell Picture, nothing happens. What's wrong?

    Shell Picture is a program running in the background "only", adding entries and picture/text previews to the Explorer's context menu. After starting Shell Picture an icon will be displayed in the Windows task bar, allowing you to access the program settings, the image cache and other selected functions.

Is the functionality of the trial version restricted?

    No. The trial version allows unrestricted use of Shell Picture for a full 30 days.

Does Shell Picture also work with other file managers?

    This depends on the file manager. A good rule of thumb: if the file manager supports Windows context menus, then the Shell Picture options will be displayed.

How do I open the Shell Picture option dialog box?

    There are two ways: either you right-click on the Shell Picture icon in the Windows task bar and select the "Options..." command or you right-click any image file in the Explorer and select "Shell Picture->Miscellaneous features->Shell Picture options..." from the context menu.

Why does the text preview sometimes looks so "funny"?

    Shell Picture displays the corresponding file in ASCII format.

The context menu does not display a text preview. What's wrong?

    After the installation the text preview is not activated. You can activate the text preview in the options dialog box on the "Text images..." tab. If you still do not get a text preview, you might have selected the option "Enabled when holding down CTRL" on the tab mentioned. In this case you must press the CTRL key on the keyboard when you right-click on a text file in the Explorer.

Some programs listed in the "Open in..." list do not open the selected file automatically. What's wrong?

    Shell Picture passes the filename of the selected file as a parameter to the program selected in the menu and uses long filenames for that. If the program does not open the file (e.g. programs for Windows 3.11) you must check whether you can solve the problem by changing the parameter passing setting. This is done in the options dialog box on the "Open with" tab. Double-click the respective program, click on "Extended" in the "Edit entry" box and change the parameter setting.

Why doesn't the "Open in" option show the symbol of program XXX?

    If the program symbol is not shown, Shell Picture wasn't able to locate the program in the path specified. Just click on the entry and follow the instructions in the dialog box shown.

Why doesn't Shell Picture display small pictures in the original size in the preview?

    You can choose how Shell Picture displays small pictures with the settings on the "Extras" tab in the options dialog box.

Why doesn't the online update work on my system?

    When selecting the online update you must first have established an internet connection via the Dial-up Network. If you have done this and still get an error message, check the proxy settings.

Sometimes a picture is not displayed in the context menu. Why?

    If you have selected the "Web-like" display of a folder in Windows 98, it may happen with large files that you have to click a second time on a file in order to obtain a preview and the Shell Picture functions.

Why is the Shell Picture icon still displayed in the task bar, although I have deactivated it?

    To permantently deactivate the Shell Picture icon in the task bar you must select the corresponding setting in the Shell Picture options dialog box. The option "Remove icon from task bar" in the task bar menu only deactivates the icon for the current Windows session (until the next Windows restart).

Are Shell picture updates free?

    Shell Picture is not expensive in the first place. Updates within a major revision series (e.g. from 1.09 to 1.15) are usually free. More information on special offers on major updates can be found on our Website. You can download free updates from this website. Automatic mailing or emailing is only possible when you have concluded a corresponding service contract.

How do I know that there is a new version of Shell Picture?

    You can subscribe to a free newsletter to be informed by email if an update becomes available. You can submit your email address without fear of "SPAM", as we respect your privacy and will definitely not forward any email addresses to third parties.

What do I do if I notice a bug in the program?

    It is very important to us that Shell Picture functions without problems. If you think you might have found a bug, please let us know immediately. Describe the problem as precisely as possible and, if this is applicable, how to reproduce the error. NOTE: Please ensure that you have the latest version of Shell Picture installed, and try to provide some information on your system (Windows version, graphics board, printer, etc.) Any information you can supply will be greatly appreciated. See also: Support.

What do I do if I have suggestions for improvement?

How can I convert the trial version into a full version?

    After ordering Shell Picture you will receive a registration code and detailed instruction how to enter the code. See also: Online-Order.

What do I do if the question that I have is not in this FAQ list?

    Write to us at shellpicture@baxbex.com or use our Feedback form. Describe the question as precisely as possible and don't forget to let us know the Shell Picture version you are using and which operating system you are running.

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